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Leonhardt Ventures Files Hair Regeneration Provisional Patent Application

lunes, 25 de julio de 2016

Leonhardt Ventures Files Hair Regeneration Provisional Patent Application

Leonhardt Ventures Files Hair Regeneration Provisional Patent Application Leonhardt Ventures Files Hair Regeneration Provisional Patent Application

7/6/2016 9:00am Santa Monica, CA, Rohnert Park, CA and Salt Lake City, Utah , July 6th, 2016 /PRBuzz- HairCell a Leonhardt Ventures company announced today the filing of a provisional patent application covering its bioelectric stimulation and micro pump technology for hair regeneration.   See HairCell introduction video -

HairCell is incubating within Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. in Santa Monica, California as well as Leonhardt's Launchpads NorCal in
Rohnert Park, California and Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah in Salt Lake City.  The Company has filed a provisional patent application in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for inventions relating to bioelectric stimulation controlled release of SDF-1 (a stem cell homing signal), IGF-1 (DNA repair), EGF, HGF, Activin A+B, eNOS, VEGF, Follistatin and Tropoelastin directed towards hair regeneration.  In severe cases of hair loss the invention includes the addition of a re-fillable micro infusion pump to be refilled daily or weekly with HairCell's proprietary HC-15 hair regeneration composition comprised of 15 components including adipose tissue derived stem cells, nutrient hydrogel, a variety of growth factors and scalp matrix.                                          
In the image below, Dr. Howard J. Leonhardt
Howard J. Leonhardt the Founder, Executive Chairman and CEO of HairCell and Dr. Jorge Genovese a collaborative researcher from Buenos Aires, Argentina are co-inventors of this product. Howard Leonhardt previously patented a series of stem cell delivery and electrical stimulation devices and signals for homing stem cells to targeted tissues starting in 1995. Dr. Genovese has been conducting electrical stimulation based regeneration research for over twenty years with numerous published peer reviewed papers.

"We believe the HairCell bioelectric stimulator with 10 unique controlled on demand protein expression signals combined with our HC-15 proprietary 15 component hair regeneration composition delivered via our patented micro infusion pump is destined to out perform all other technologies tried to date for hair regeneration.  We are set to implement now well designed controlled
clinical trials to prove out this claim. " stated Derek Kahn, HairCell President and lead investor.

Leonhardt Ventures Files Hair Regeneration Provisional Patent Application "Numerous published papers, including a number from our own labs, have documented the powerful ability of our stimulated proteins and delivered cell based composition components to promote tissue regeneration. Until now there was not a practical, safe and cost effective method of controlled delivery of all these beneficial proteins applied to hair regeneration in one combined system.  Our technology is the first with refined bioelectric signals that communicate with the DNA of cells to program them to release specific regeneration promotion proteins on demand."  Stated Dr. Jorge Genovese Co-Inventor
Dr. Jorge Genovese, Co-inventor.

The supporting scientific articles Dr. Genovese mentioned may be reached via this link -

A link to 25 other regenerative medtech startups incubating in Leonhardt Venture's incubators and accelerators in Northern and Southern California and Utah may be found here -

HairCell is completing final safety pre-clinical studies at this time and expects to launch clinical trials later this year.  The team is evaluating first-in-man clinical trial sites in Spain, Australia, Mexico, China, Italy, The Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Czech Republic and the USA.   A copy of the HairCell proposed study protocol with proposed inclusion and exclusion criteria is published on the web site at
"We know well the great demand for a truly effective and safe hair regeneration technology.  To this end we are designing and will be implementing proper scope clinical trials to prove out safety and efficacy that will be monitored carefully.  This Leonhardt team led the first-in-man non-surgical stem cell repair of damaged hearts clinical trial back in 2001 and has the onboard experience to see this through right with patient safety at the forefront."  states Dr. Leslie Miller, Leonhardt Ventures Chief Medical Officer

Earlier this year Samumed, a competitor of HairCell, reached a $12 billion valuation after publishing 10% improvement in hair growth with the WnT pathway signal control technology.  HairCell is targeting as a goal to reach better than 30% hair growth in its upcoming clinical studies.

Warning:  The HairCell product is INVESTIGATIONAL USE ONLY not available for sale.  The product has not yet been proven to be safe or effective yet in clinical trials.  Pre-clinical studies to prove out safety are being conducted now in advance of clinical trials. 

About HairCell:
HairCell was founded in 2015 as a spin out of organ regeneration research began by Leonhardt Ventures back in 1985.   In 1995 Howard Leonhardt began filing a series of stem cell regeneration patents - + followed by new filings in 2000 and in 2001 filed patents for bioelectrical stimulation controlled release of SDF-1 a stem cell homing factor for organ regeneration purposes - HairCell incubates in Leonhardt's Launchpads NorCal at the University of Northern California Science & Technology Innovation Center in Rohnert Park, California Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. in Santa Monica, California and at Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah in Salt Lake City.  Initial pre-clinical studies were conducted by Dr. Jorge Genovese at his lab in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Contact:  Media Relations Brian Hardy @ or Howard Leonhardt @
Web Sites:,,,  ;

About Leonhardt Ventures:  Since 1982 Howard Leonhardt (originally HJ Leonhardt & Co. later registered as Leonhardt Vineyards LLC DBA Leonhardt Ventures 2005) has led the development and marketing of devices and biologics for treating cardiovascular and heart disease.  Founder Howard J. Leonhardt an inventor has over 21 issued U.S. patents with over 100 issued patent claims with another 30 in process or pending.  In the 1980s they developed leadership in patented cardiovascular compliant balloon catheters, in the 1990's stent grafts, intravascular lung, stem cell delivery catheters and percutaneous heart valves, in the 2000's stem cell compositions for heart muscle repair and 2010's electrical stimulation organ regenerative devices -   Leonhardt Ventures founded Leonhardt's Launchpads NorCal at the University of Northern California Science Technology Innovation Center (UNC STIC) in 2008.  Leonhardt Ventures owns 50.1% of Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. formed in 2012 and incorporated in California in 2013 a 5 year business and innovation accelerator for regenerative medtech and regenerative economy startups  The above mentioned startups are all startup licensable technology platforms at this time within the accelerator transitioning over 5 years from early stage concepts into full fledged stand alone companies.  Leonhardt Ventures' Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. also helps operate Leonhardt's Launchpads Norcal and Utah, LABioHub, Startup California, Cal-X Crowdfund Connect and Cal-Xelerator all focused on launching early stage startups.   See for our full 2016 portfolio of startups and licensable technology platforms.

This provisional patent application was filed electronically utilizing software.
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