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Fibroblasts are cells characteristic of the connective tissue that fill the spaces between the other tissues of the body.

Among its many functions the production of collagen stands out. Collagen is a highly used protein in beauty treatments, cosmetic and plastic surgery.

The ideal product for the treatment of skin defects is the use of its own collagen, fully compatible and therefore with long lasting effect.  To make this happen, it is necessary to obtain fibroblasts from a small sample of skin and make them grow in optimal conditions to obtain such a large amount that, when placed in an injury site, they can produce the needed amount of collagen to repair it.

The cultivation of autologous fibroblasts is routinely and successfully used worldwide for the treatment of moderate to severe nasolabial wrinkles and acne scars. For other indications consult the treating physician.

Hearten Biotech
preserves your cells free for a year in case you want to repeat the procedure. Your cells are well maintained "frozen in time", so that no matter when you use them in the future, they will act with the power corresponding to the age in which they were obtained. If you wanted to preserve them longer Hearten Biotech offers a cell bank of unique characteristics.