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Autologous Fibroblasts: Freeze your collagen!

lunes, 1 de agosto de 2016

Autologous Fibroblasts: Freeze your collagen!

The aesthetic treatment you will not let go!

Thursday 28
July 2016.

The procedure has just came out in Argentina, presented in the BASS Congress (Beauty Antiaging and Aesthetic Sessions). What is it abour? Nothing less than a new technique that promises to be the aesthetic revolution in the next years. This technique is called Autologous fibroblasts cultivation and application, and to know what is it about, we need to understand the following thing:
When you were 20 years old, your skin had a specific smoothness that was the product of huge quantity og elastic collagen. Fibroblast, a mid-skin layer cell, is responsibl of its production. It also constitutes the small collagen skin fabric, but this production decreases because of time. They become lazier when producing the precious typical first's years element.

Twenties' collagen: Can we be able to freeze time?

In order to make these cells keep producing collagen through years, a group of argentine cientists developed a technique, already proven in the United States and Europe, which consists on 5 following five simple steps:

1-Do a skin biopsy from the patient.
2- Separate the fibroblasts.
3- Put the fibroblasts in a cultivation background so that they can multiply themselves.
4- Prepare them to be injected to the patient.
5- Save the fibroblasts in a cell bank, for at least, 10 years.

With a technique, NASA worthy, specialists achieve to keep the cells in an active development and growth for months and then, they let them rest in a super freezer for- whenever we want-10 years.

Praxis: What does this mean?
Not only you will be redefying your skin age by increasing the number of collagen's fabric 'workers', but also, ten years later, you will be able to be injected with your very own cells, a decade younger than you! It is like a building construction that increases the number of workers.

#InYourFace Time!

The collagen production's cell dosis in the skin can be repeated until 3 times a month. Then, next year and so on.

Cience? Fiction? The Future? We don't know well, but the technology in its highest level and oriented to aesthetics is, once again, generating amazing results!

Dr. Sergio Escobar.
Doctor Specialised in Dermatology, University of Buenos Aires (UBA).
Member of the American Academy of Dermatology, United States.
Member of the Argentine Dermatology Society.
Member og the International Course for Aging Skin, France.
Winner of the Cosmetic Dermatology Award, Europe.

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