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PRP is a product obtained from the centrifugation of a small blood sample of the patient resulting in a high concentration of platelets. These, when activated, release growth factors and active substances that collaborate with reparative processes in the healing of wounds of the mouth and skin, osteoarthritis, arthritis, joint injuries, injuries ligaments, alopecia, among others.

Another function is the stimulation of fibroblasts in the dermis to produce new collagen and elastin, giving greater brightness and elasticity to the skin.

PRP is a safe, minimally invasive and easy to apply product. Its use and efficacy will depend on the pathology of the patient. The appropriate treatment will be determined by the professional’s clinical evaluation.

Areas of application 

• Cosmetic  
The PRP facilitates wound healing, stimulates hair growth and acts on skin imperfections caused by the passage of time, returning its freshness and vitality.

Traumatology / Orthopedics
It is used in emerging pathologies in joints, bone defects, osteoarthritis and cartilage injuries, ligament injuries, sports injuries, muscle strains, tendinous diseases, and a variety of acute and chronic soft tissue injuries.